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The health and well-being of our patients are the primary concerns of the entire team at The Wessberg Clinic.  We appreciate the confidence patients and their referring doctors place in us and we honor that sacred trust with the high quality health care our patients require and deserve. Some of our team members are fluent in Japanese and Cantonese.

The Wessberg Experience is a unique, patient-centered approach to health care that promotes health and well being by integrating compassion and patient education with specialized knowledge and exceptional clinical skills.  This phrase means we continuously strive to make every patient experience in our practice as pleasant and painless as possible.

The phrase also means we have considerably more experience than most dentists in Hawaii. We have applied our gentle techniques to safely perform more than 36,000 tooth extractions and precisely placed more than 17,000 dental implants.  

Simple Dental ImplantsSM is not a special product; it is a unique tooth replacement experience provided exclusively by our highly skilled and compassionate team. Our gentle, efficient, and precise approach to implant placement combined with a minimally invasive surgical technique makes the procedure as painless and pleasant as possible.  For most patients a single implant can usually be placed in less than 15 minutes without intravenous sedation.  The majority of patients usually resume normal activities within a few hours and require very little pain medication. Our dental implant success rate of 90-95% with the Nobel Biocare System varies depending on each individual’s  jawbone and medical conditions. 

An exciting dental service provided for qualified patients includes the Immediate Implant, which is placed at the time we extract a single-rooted tooth.  In most cases a temporary appliance can be inserted the same day and a temporary crown can be attached onto the dental implant within a week or so.  We have successfully completed more than 500 immediate implant procedures, many of which were for fractured anterior teeth.

We provide the revolutionary All on Four concept, which involves the immediate conversion of a complete denture (false teeth) to an  implant supported fixed temporary bridge.  The Wessberg Clinic was a leader in the introduction of this technique to Honolulu. We have performed more than 70 All-on-Four procedures in combination with dentists and prosthodontists and have achieved a 100% success rate.

Our Keep It Simple approach applies to all aspects of oral surgery performed at The Wessberg Clinic.  We use an evidenced-based approach to determine whether a bone graft should be placed into an extraction socket to support a future dental implant. We evaluate impacted teeth on an individual basis to determine whether they can be retained or should be removed, and recommend the optimal time for removal.

We are very concerned about patient anxiety. We always utilize a gentle, minimally invasive surgical technique with local anesthesia, stereo headphones, and possibly nitrous-oxide and oxygen conscious sedation. Our patient monitoring during conscious sedation includes blood pressure, pulse, and pulse oximeter measurements. Although Dr. Wessberg was trained to perform general anesthesia and IV sedation he developed this unique approach to patient care because it results in less surgical trauma. Hence, this method is safer and promotes a better total experience for the patient because it is more convenient, minimizes post-operative swelling, reduces incidence of  “dry socket,” practically eliminates complications, and usually avoids the need for narcotic medications to manage postoperative pain. We offer Exparel anesthetic to eliminate the need for opioid medications for adults who are sensitive to postoperative pain.

Our practice is committed to serving the less fortunate people in our community and the members of the armed forces.  Through our compassionate We Care Program we attempt to accommodate every patient who is in pain on the same day or the on the following workday regardless insurance coverage or ability to pay.  

Through our Military Appreciation Program we offer special financing options for elective basic oral surgery services, such as extractions of erupted and impacted (wisdom) teeth, and biopsy of oral lesions for dependents of our active duty military.

The make every reasonable effort to adhere to current standards of HIPAA and ACA Regulatory Compliance. We protect electronic patient records on our server and data backup storage, we use encrypted email for electronic transmission of correspondence and insurance claim submission, and we respect our patients’ right to privacy.

The Insurance Fraud & Abuse Act 191 on 2013 was passed to protect insurance companies and government programs from over-utilization of benefits by patients and providers.  According to this Act, fraudulent activities include: misrepresentation of services, falsifying dates of service, altering records to enhance reimbursement, and waiving patient co-payments.

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Our practice mission is to maintain or  improve the health, function and appearance of every patient through compassionate, quality care.

The Wessberg Experience is a unique approach to the promotion of oral health and well-being for patients of all ages.

Our current dental implant success rate is approximately 90-95%.

Simple Dental Implants is a unique tooth replacement experience provided exclusively by the our highly skilled and compassionate team.

The immediate replacement of an extracted tooth with a new “bionic tooth” is an exciting advancement in dentistry.

The “All on Four” concept is a revolutionary approach to the permanent elimination of false teeth.

Keep It Simple is the central theme of our practice philosophy.  This applies to planning your treatment as well as performing the necessary surgery.  While most of the procedures we perform are elective, they don need to be complex or debilitating.

Spouses and dependents of active duty military receive basic oral surgery services with special financing options for patient co-payment of our professional fees.

Pursuing excellence in dental implant & oral surgery

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