The Experience

We emphasize a philosophy of compassionate, quality care

We understand that no one looks forward to oral surgery so our team makes every effort to create a relaxed and caring environment that is focused on the comfort, well-being and satisfaction of each patient. We create The Wessberg Experience by emphasizing health, function and appearance through compassionate quality care for every patient.

We are a patient-centered professional team

For more than thirty-five years our patients have been pleasantly surprised by their experience in our practice. Although most patients appreciate our casual residential decor and state-of-the-art technology, many of them compliment us on the atmosphere of love and positive energy that envelopes them while they are with us.
We believe healthy relationships are based upon shared values and mutual trust. Therefore, earning and maintaining the sacred trust of each patient is the foremost priority of our team. Every recommendation we make is centered on the needs and wants of the patient.

We strive to make surgery as painless and pleasant as possible

The combination of modern local anesthetics, audio-analgesia, conscious sedation and gentle and minimally invasive surgical techniques make the placement of dental implants and the removal of erupted or impacted teeth very safe and as painless and pleasant as possible. We also prescribe medications to minimize postoperative pain and swelling. Although postoperative complications are relatively uncommon for our patients we gladly manage them on the day we are notified, even on weekends!

We proudly serve our military dependents

We introduced our Military Appreciation Program in 2003 to honor the dedication and sacrifices of our active duty military and their dependents. Due to current state and federal regulations we cannot waive co-payment of our fees for basic oral surgery services, such as tooth extractions, biopsies, etc.; however, we do offer special financing options for the patient portion of our professional fees We believe these special families deserve special consideration while they serve our country.