Simple Dental Implants

Simple Dental Implants are not a special product; it is a unique tooth replacement experience provided exclusively by the highly skilled and compassionate team at The Wessberg Clinic. Our goal is to keep the entire dental implant experience as simple as possible. We accomplish this goal by:
  • Offering various treatment options,
  • Eliminating unnecessary bone grafting procedures,
  • Reducing the time to place a dental implant,
  • Utilizing a small incision to minimize or eliminate pain and swelling,
  • Shorten recovery time to hours rather than days, and
  • Decrease or eliminate the need for narcotic pain medication.
Our gentle and efficient approach to implant placement, combined with a minimally invasive surgical technique, makes the procedure as painless and pleasant as possble. For most patients a single implant can usually be placed in less than 15 minutes. The majority of patients usually resume routine activities within a few hours and may take a Motrin or Tylenol for discomfort.

Our dental implant Success Rate of 90-95% with the Nobel Biocare System and more than 17,000 dental implants varies depending on the individual's jawbone and medical conditions. Adequate volume of jaw is determined in our office with 3D imaging and the quality of the surrounding gum tissue is assessed by clinical examination. When the jawbone is inadequate we are usually able to create adequate support with autogenic (self) or allogenic (human cadaver) bone grafting techniques. When the surrounding gum tissue is inadequate we can usually improve it with our carbon dioxide laser or tissue grafting techniques. Any modification to medications, such as blood thinners or biphosphonates, are always approved by the patient's prescribing physician.

Proper oral hygiene following the placement of a dental implant is essential for long term success. Peri-implantitis is the chronic inflammation of the gum tissue surrounding a dental implant due to inadequate oral hygiene. Although we recommend use of PeroxiCare toothpaste and a very soft toothbrush approximately 15% of patients will develop peri-implantitis. When this gum infection cannot be resolved with improved oral hygiene and a course of antibiotic therapy we offer various minor surgical options to eliminate the infection and salvage the implant.

An exciting dental service provided for qualified patients includes the Immediate Implant, which is placed at the time we extract a single-rooted tooth. In most cases a temporary appliance can be inserted the same day and the temporary crown can be attached onto the dental implant within a week or so. We have successfully completed more than 450 immediate procedures, many of which were to replace a fractured anterior tooth.

We provide the revolutionary All on Four concept, which involves the immediate conversion of a complete denture (false teeth) to an implant supported fixed temporary bridge. The Wessberg Clinic was a leader in the introduction of this technique to Honolulu. We have performed more than 70 All on Four procedures in combination with dentists and prosthodontists to achieve a 100% success rate.

Many patients who would benefit from a dental implant are concerned about risks and contraindications. The use of oral biphosphonate medications alone are not usually a contraindication for dental implant surgery. Research indicates less than 3% of patients taking an oral biphosphonate for osteoporosis for more than five years have problems with healing of their jawbones. However, risk factors increase whenever oral biphsphonates are combined with cigarette smoking, diabetes, corticosteroids, or other immuno-suppressive medications.